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Description of HARVESTER

Harvester is an adventure game released in 1996 by Virgin Interactive Entertainment. The game was released for Macintosh and PC (DOS/Linux/Windows).

The action of Harvester takes place in the 1950s in the fictional American town of Harvest. The player controls a young man who wakes up in his bed without remembering who he is or how he got here. All the townspeople we meet claim that his name is Steve and he is about to marry Stephanie, who lives nearby. Interestingly, also not remembering anything before waking up. Two young people suffering from amnesia do not believe a single word they hear from the inhabitants and fear for their future. Steve tries to find out what the truth is, who he is, how he got to the town of Harvest and what the mysterious cult is about in the heart of the city. As the game progresses, Steve discovers the dark side of the city and, having obtained a weapon, is able to fight his greatest and unimaginably disgusting fears. Explore what the "Order of the Full Moon" cult is actually doing in Harvest and how they relate to the amnesia of the newlyweds.

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