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Publisher: Play Byte

Developer: Kaiko

Year: 1992

Genre: arcade




Apidya, an arcade game released in 1992 by Blue Byte. The game was released for Amiga computers.
The plot of the game is based on a pretty schematic: bad magician threw a curse (spell) on his wife (girl, children, etc.). The main objective of the hero is to find an antidote to this spell and to take revenge on the evil wizard.
Apidya is in one respect original. The main character of Ikuro, had to transform into a wasp. Going through the insect world will have to get the desired antidote for Yuri's wife. At the end there is only revenge on the evil sorcerer Hexaae.
A game for devotees of the genre and fans. The audiovisual media encourages you to follow this title, because it makes an impression. An additional advantage of the game is the ability to play two people.


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