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Publisher: Ocean Software

Developer: Team 17

Year: 1995

Genre: logical strategy




Worms, a strategy game developed by Ocean in 1995. The Team17 game was developed for the Amiga, PC, and SEGA console.
Probably every computer player has heard of this title. So far, several sequels have been made. We present here the first (original) part of the adventures of brave worms. In the game we control a group of worms that must destroy the opponents. Up to 16 teams can participate in one game, each one can be controlled by the computer or by another player. AresenaƂ worms are quite extensive not to mention bazooka, grenades, shotguns or other more or less heavily armed. We must take into account the wind, direction and speed, as some of our armaments are very susceptible to gusts.
Worms is a game that is not boring (if we play with another player). Multiplayer scenery, randomly generated terrain is one of the strengths of the game. Graphically and soundfully refined as the Team17 fit. You will spend hours playing the game. Entertainment guaranteed.

Install notes:
The PC version is extended version Worms+.

Version for Amiga requires: ROM version min. 3.0 (eg Kickstart 3.1), Chip Memory min. 2 Mb, MC68020 processor, AGA chipset, three floppy disks (for convenience).

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