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Publisher: Gathering

Developer: Remedy Entertainment Ltd.

Year: 2001

Genre: arcade shooter





Max Payne is an arcade game (view from a third person perspective) released in 2001 by Gathering. The game was released for PC (Windows), Macintosh , PlayStation and XBox.
Max Payne is a former police officer in New York. One day his wife and newborn daughter were killed by three junkies who broke into his apartment after eating a new drug called Valkyr. After the tragedy Max left the police and joined the services of combating illegal drugs. Three years later, during a raid on the mafia that traded Valkyr, his best friend and agent Alex was killed. Max becomes the main suspect in this murder ...


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How to install the game:
- Open Disk1 and run Setup.exe (messages with insufficient memory may appear - continue anyway),
- Install the full version of the game (about 854MB),
- Open the Patches directory and install MaxPaynePatch1_05.zip, MaxPayne-FixItAll.exe,
- At the end, copy the file MaxPayne.exe to the directory in which you installed the game.
If after the operations you made the game does not start - change the compatibility settings on Windows 98.
The manual applies to Windows 7+ systems.

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