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Description of WHEELMAN

For sure each of us played wheelman. This is a game full of car theft and police pursuits. While playing, we have the impression that we are becoming a gangster driver on request. The main character in the game is Milo Burik, who is styled as the famous actor Vin Diesel. The action of the game takes place in the crowded streets of Barcelona. This makes car escapes very spectacular for those years.

It can be easily seen that a player's greatest skill is driving vehicles, be it cars or motorbikes. Therefore, most missions are related to this skill. We even have a special skill that was activated when we were driving against the rules for some time. Once we did that, the game allowed us to slow down the time. Thanks to this feature, the player was able to shoot the attackers with greater precision. But we must not forget about some missions that required our hero to move on his own legs. At such moments, the player had the opportunity to use a variety of weapons.

In summary, we have the opportunity to play the role of a hero who likes to run away from the police and willingly breaks the law. In addition, we get great graphics for that time. The only thing left for us to do is to sit comfortably in the armchair and play.

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