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Publisher: Core Design

Year: 1991

Genre: arcade




War Zone, a 1991 arcade game published by Core Design. The game was created for Amiga and Atari ST computers.
It is 1999. Foreign forces are trying to take control of the world. You, commander of blood and bones, have been chosen to command the mission of restoring peace in the world. You can ask for help from your best friend to bring order together in the world.
The game is a typical game agent. Vertical Scrolling. In the 90's a very popular game genre. War Zone is a game in which you have to lead peace on earth. So nothing except shooting, seizing hostages and getting better weapons is not waiting for you while playing. Despite such a simple scenario, the fans will surely find the game. As we wrote, in the 90's a very popular genre, to mention such titles as Ikari Warriors or Mercs.
Graphically, the game is on a decent level. Fans of this genre will surely find it in the game. It gives you the opportunity to play two players simultaneously.


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