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Publisher: SegaSoft

Developer: PostLinear Entertainment

Year: 1998

Genre: action shooter




Vigilance is an action game released in 1998 by SegaSoft. The game was released for PC (Windows).
Vigilance is a third-person shooter in a spy climate straight from James Bond movies. During the game you play as one of the eight fully playable agents of the SION organization - Special Intelligence Operations Network. Terrorist groups are becoming bolder and their attacks much more cruel. Your goal will be to discover who is behind these activities and put an end to them. During each mission you need to get the right amount of information to unlock the next level. Vigilance contains many interesting and different locations that give the game a special atmosphere - once you will visit the underground of the old church and others participate in the mission on the offshore oil platform. There is a huge arsenal of weapons in the game, which will gradually increase as the story progresses. Each of the available agents will differ in statistics and skills, for which you will find application in different situations.

Install notes: If a red screen appears after starting the game - press the space bar.


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