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Publisher: Sierra Entertainment

Developer: Fizz Factor

Year: 2003

Genre: platform arcade




The Hobbit is an arcade game released in 2003 by Sierra Entertainment. The game was released for PC (Windows) and PlayStation, GameCube and XBox consoles.
Game plot based on the fantasy novel J.R.R. Tolkien - The Hobbit. Play as the title hobbit - Bilbo Baggins. The game begins when Gandalf comes to Shire to invite you (Bilbo) to experience the adventure. Bilbo does not agree, but after a while he decides to set off with the company of dwarves and Thorin Oakenshield.
In the game you will have to find a glowing sword and a ring of invisibility before the final skirmish with the dragon Smaug. The game is divided into levels (Quests), which are divided into smaller missions. To unlock the next level, you have to complete all the tasks prepared for the given stage. There are also side quests in the game that you do not have to do but you can get extra points.

Install notes: You will install the game from the disc images. Mount two cd`s immediately before installation.


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