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Publisher: Infogrames

Developer: Blitz Games Ltd

Year: 2002

Genre: action




Taz: Wanted is an action game released in 2002 by Infogrames. The game was released for PC (Windows) and GameCube, PlayStation and XBox.
Taz is a crazy, often too impulsive, Tasmanian devil known from the animated series for children called Looney Tunes (originally Looney Toons). In Taz: Wanted, the shaggy hero enjoys spending time with his beloved she-devil. However, the romantic meeting is interrupted by cowboy Yosemite Sam, who kidnaps the pair and places them in his private zoo. Worse, it also plans to turn their home into a game park.
Taz: Wanted is an arcade game in which we play the role of the title Tasmanian devil, and our task is to sow as much chaos as possible. The production is an example of a classic, three-dimensional platformer, which in terms of gameplay resembles such cult productions as eg Earthworm Jim 3D. The player observes the action from a third person perspective, and in most cases his task is to remove arrest warrants issued behind Taz, collect sandwiches and destroy everything that occurs in the hero's path.


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