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Description of SYNDICATE

Syndicate, a strategy game from Bullfrog Studios, released by Electronic Arts in 1993. The game was created for Amiga and PC. There was also a version for SEGA 16bit consoles. In 2012, a remake was made under the same title - but as an FPS game.

The game is set in the near future in 2096. The player controls a four-person cyborg team, with which you will have to perform various missions such as infiltration, killings, etc. The objective of the game is to establish a world domination and create a title Syndicate.

The game is not only about performing a mission (though this is a basic element of the game). In Syndicate you have the ability to upgrade your cybrogs and equip them with various types of weapons. You can spend money on upgrades such as strength, armor, etc. before the mission starts.

Syndicate is an addictive game for very long hours. There is no reason to go back to this game. In 2012 the developers returned to this game and created a remake. However, it was not a hit like the original Syndicate of 1993.

The game is strongly recommended - it is a strong position among strategic games.

Install notes:
To play Syndicate for Amiga, you have to set at least 1Mb of RAM RAM, original ROM such as Kickstart 1.3.
PC version: Drag the SYND.BAT icon to the Dosbox.

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