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Publisher: Microprose

Developer: Spectrum HoloByte

Year: 1992

Genre: logical puzzle




Super Tetris, a puzzle game (released in 1992 by Microprose). The game was created for Amiga and PC.
In our set of old games there could be no such famous and legendary title as Tetris. In the multiplicity of this game, we decided on Super Tetris because the game version appeared for both Amigai PCs. Tetris was born in the 80s of the last century in the Soviet Union. Tetris saw the light of day thanks to Alexei Paštin and his team. As we mentioned earlier, the game has a lot of variants and implementations.

The rules of the game are very simple. On the board with the size of 10 columns on 20 rows from the top fall the blocks (called tetromino). The player's goal is to get the blocks to fill the entire line. The difficulty is that we can not control the blocks that fall to the bottom of the board. After removing the right number of lines, the speed of the game increases (the speed of falling blocks). In Tetris we play as long as we have space on the board.


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