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Description of EVEREST

Who among us wouldn't want to put their feet on the summit of Everest! This game makes it possible. Climbing requires focus and attention, a thoughtful strategy, and making quick and wise decisions. In order to win at the top, our two climbers must be in front of the opponent. It includes a climbing board, roulette and four climbers. The game starts when one of the players draws the green color on the roulette. The roulette shows a color that we can move to. The game always starts with the hands. Where we put our climber's limbs must be carefully considered because in the game it is possible to push the opponent away. Only one player's limb can be placed on a given hole in the board, so we have to predict the opponent's movement, otherwise we fall from the top and start climbing from the beginning. Everest will be full of fun and laughter. It is the perfect game for fans of competition. Thanks to it, we can train our tactical and strategic skills. Perfect for long evenings and meetings with friends.

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