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Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Year: 1998

Genre: strategy rts




StarCraft, a strategy game (RTS) released in 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was released for PC and Macintosh.
There are a lot of story and action sequences in the storyline, interwoven with animated cutscenes. In single player mode there are three campaigns, one for each race. The plot of the individual campaigns is closely linked, so that playing them in the correct sequence shows a coherent and continuous scenario, though discovered and presented with film portrayals from the perspective of individual races.
In the first part, the player assumes the role of Commander of the Terran Confederate Army, but soon turns to a quasi-partisan organization called Sons of Korhal, commanded by Arcturus Mengsk. This is the beginning of a great conflict between the three races of StarCraft.
In the second campaign, the player becomes one of the "Cerebrates", commanders of individual zerg swarms, directly under the overminded mind. Here is a discussion of the battle between the zerg and protoss, which lasts practically until the end of the basic version of the game.
The third episode is devoted to the protoss race. This time the player becomes one of the new Executors, who is to replace Tassadar, who was accused by the Conclave (form of the Protoss government) for cooperation with the Dark Templars, who were exiled long ago from the native protoss planet, Aiur. The third campaign continues with the themes that began earlier, and shows the deep divisions and differences that are rooted in the protoss society they face in the face of the imminent danger.
StarCraft is a must for every strategist. Recommended.

Install notes: The game for PC is a RIP version. The game version for Macintosh is a disk image You can download the full version of PC games for free from the manufacturer's website here


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