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Description of ROBOTS

The game is based on the themes of the 2005 film of the same title. Its main character is a young robot Rodney Copperbottom, who has makings of a great inventor. His greatest idol is Big Weld - a genius and philanthropist - at the head of Big Weld Industries, a company dedicated to helping those in need.

Rodney decides to go to Robot City to finally meet him and show off his own creation, the handy Wonderbot. On the spot, however, it turns out that the well-known company was taken over by the sinister Ratchet, and Big Weld itself is missing. The fate of all robots is in the mechanical hands of Rodney.

Robots is an arcade production aimed mainly at younger audiences. The gameplay is based on exploring the city, solving logical puzzles and helping the robots you encounter. As a reward, the main character receives a number of upgrades that he can install at himself or Wonderbot. These are useful during battles with Ratchet's henchmen, during which Rodney can use, for example, a melee key or a scrap gun.

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