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Description of SHADOW WATCH

A game that will surely please fans of spy games. Fast, dynamic action are the attributes that come to the fore. We lead a group of agents to build an international space station. By the way, we will uncover a conspiracy that prevents human expansion.

Shadow Warch is a role-playing and tactical game. Turn-based games are very fun. The player manages six characters, each of which has their own individual skills. The player can upgrade his character in return for the points received. There is a wide opportunity to upgrade a character's ability in return for carrying out a specific command or killing an enemy. Everything is done in a very unusual way.

The game includes a lot of challenges, such as, for example, defending a location, executing a specific command or killing enemies. The heroes have different tasks during the game. They can be, among others stealing packages, killing enemies or detailed tasks. Additionally, during the game, heroes have certain actions, such as shooting, opening doors and weapons, etc.

Shadow Watch is primarily a unique story, fast-paced action, dynamic graphics and memorable, expressive background music.

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Currently, the game cannot be downloaded from our website.

Why can't the game be downloaded? The game SHADOW WATCH is protected by copyright. The game SHADOW WATCH You can buy the game on one of the game distribution platforms (list above). By clicking the 'Go to shop' button, you will be redirected to the selected store where you can check the price of the game.

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