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Publisher: Krisalis Software

Year: 1992

Genre: strategy turn-based




Sabre Team is a strategy game (turn-based) released in 1992 by Krisalis. The game was released for Amiga and PC computers (DOS) and for the Amiga CD32 console.
On May 5, 1980 at 19:07, John Dellow signed a document permitting the siege of the Iranian embassy. H.M. Ross sent three teams, each consisting of four soldiers to perform the so-called Sabre Teams. The rest is history ... In the game, we control a group of four soldiers (as previously mentioned) and your task is to rescue prisoners from the hands of terrorists and other tasks entrusted to you. In one turn you can do several tasks such as moving, shooting etc. Each turn is a set number of moves, remember this, because you can run out of this one decisive about your life! Before setting out on a mission, you must arm your people. Each of them can take up to five weapons, stored ammunition, bulletproof vests, first aid kit and other useful equipment.

Install notes: The game for Amiga is a version for computers with AGA chipsets (A1200, A4000).


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