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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Bullfrog Productions, Ltd.

Year: 1990

Genre: strategy




Powermonger, a strategic game released by Electronic Arts in 1990. The game was released on the Amiga, Atari ST, PC and SEGA console.
In the game we control an army of soldiers. Your task is to get all the cities on the map (the state of the game shows the weight below the map). You start with a small number of soldiers and a few towns (little). By shaking up your cities, your army will become more numerous. In the game, each army is commanded by one captain. Losing a captain causes the army to be disbanded, so it's important to keep the captains alive! This is one of the key elements of the game.
Powermonger is a game with nice graphics - a game map depicted in 3D (you can rotate the map), however, one and all other elements on the map are drawn in 2D. The game draws - especially computer strategists.

Install notes: The game for Amiga computers requires 1Mb of RAM


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