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Publisher: Merit Software

Year: 1990

Genre: strategy




Operation Com-Bat is a strategic game released by Merit Software in 1990. The game was created on Amiga computers.
The game is a very good example of stretegic game based on turn-based system. In the game we control a military unit consisting exclusively of mechanized units. Your task is to get your opponent's headquarters. Operation Com-Bat, in spite of its simplicity, can draw on very long evenings. Especially if we play with the other player. Each unit has a certain amount of firepower, range, fuel, etc. Remember to refuel vehicles, equip them with each unit. In special cases we have air support.
The game is divided into two parts, the game screen and the control panel screen. Here, in the dashboard, we have all the information about the selected unit.
Operation Com-Bat is a game where every turn based strategy game fan should play. Fun is front. The game does not flicker with graphics (even for a year when it was released, it did not knock), the sound is not too rich. But in games of this type you can forgive such shortcomings, because playability really is the most important.

Install notes:
The version for Amiga requires an original rom (preferably Kickstart 1.3).


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