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Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Developer: Ion Storm, L.P.

Year: 2000

Genre: action fps




JC Denton is an agent whose task is to fight terrorism. Around him, producers spread a world full of scandal - everything that leads humanity to the predicted by many, its imminent end. There will be a world of bribery, full of corruption and exploitation, cities of terror, in which gangs rule the streets and widespread moral decline associated with economic problems, poverty and high technological progress.
Deus Ex surprises players with a non-linearity of the plot, interesting twists and reactions of the NPC, which we would sometimes hardly expect. In addition to exploring and chatting with encountered NPCs, the game also offers the opportunity to participate in combat and nice-looking shooters. On one hand, the action slows down when we try to unravel and put together the pieces of the puzzle, on the other, it accelerates dramatically, throwing us into the vortex of battle and forcing us to spill blood.
It is a game on the border of genres with a camera presented from a first-person perspective, with RPG elements, action games and stealth. The game's plot is set in a cyberpunk universe.

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