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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Delphine Software International

Year: 1997

Genre: racing




Moto Racer is a racing game released in 1997 by Electronic Arts. The game was released for PC (Windows) and PlayStation.
Moto Racer is a game where the player races a motocross or street motorcycle on different, more or less complicated tracks. There are 10 locations available during the game (including the dark Neolithic route, the desert route, mountain routes leading on snowy roads and the crazy marathon on the Great Wall of China). Players can compete against a computer opponent in two modes - trying to achieve the best lap time or participating in a championship. What's more, the game gives you the opportunity to fight with other players thanks to the multiplayer module.
Moto Racer very faithfully reflects the specifics of motorcycle riding. During the game, braking traces and sparks appear when rubbing the machine housing on asphalt. The driving model itself does not differ from reality. Just like in real life during the game in Moto Racer, it is very important to balance the body while negotiating subsequent turns or maintaining balance during races taking place in the field.

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