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Publisher: Codemasters

Year: 1993

Genre: arcade racing




Micro Machines, arcade game (racing) released in 1993 by Codemasters. The game was developed for Amiga, PC and SEGA consoles.
Micro Machines is a racing game where you can take control of a micro-vehicle (you can choose from 9 machines). You race on 32 tracks. Each route has 9 different variants (eg breakfast table, desk or bathroom). The game offers one player or two. When choosing a single player game we have the opportunity to compete with 11 characters. At Micro Machines you have the choice of either Challenge or Head to Head. In the first variant you race with a few rivals at once. You are racing to eliminate all players (knock-outs). In Head to Head, you compete with one opponent. The game runs until a certain number of laps or a significant advance of the rival (outside the screen - up to three 'Bonuses').
The game can graphically not knock, but in competition with the other player can provide a lot of emotion. In general, the game is average, but if you have the time and willingness - you can play. As for the year of release - you could expect a bit more graphics.

Install notes:
The Amiga version does not require the original rom. To start the game set 1 Mb Chip RAM.


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