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Publisher: Prestige

Developer: Kingsoft

Year: 1992

Genre: logical




Locomotion, a game released in 1992 by Kingsoft. Game released for Amiga, Atari ST, PC and C64.
The game is a logical game. You are the bride. In your opinion it is so adjusting the tracks so that the beams reach the destination station. Locomotion is not an easy game. Over time, more and more trains leave, and you have to operate the tracks so that the collisions do not collide and at the same time reached the destination station. It's easy for you to find trains that will not get bogged down when you do not have a switch.
The graphical game is certainly not outstanding, eating in games of this type is not the most important. It's important that you play for hours at a time. The sound of the game does not really exist.


Amiga     Atari ST     PC    

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