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Publisher: Midas Interactive Entertainment

Developer: InterActive Vision AS

Year: 1999

Genre: action shooter




BHunter is an action game released in 1999 by Midas Interactive Entertainment. The game was released for PC (Windows).
The game takes place in 2098. Law and order in the city hangs on a thin thread. The last resort is BHunterzy. They were asked to help to reduce crime. As a BHunter, your task is to quickly bring justice to designated criminal purposes. Take action with one of the three flying cars chosen at the beginning of the game. Hunting criminals takes place in a maze of tall buildings (which you must not fly over because of the force field). You have a basic cannon at your disposal - which you can upgrade as you progress. For shooting down the criminal you will receive credits for which you will be able to upgrade your vehicle. Remember that shooting down innocent drivers will cost you a lot.


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