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Publisher: Playlogic International

Developer: Metropolis Software House

Year: 2007

Genre: action tpp




Infernal (other titles: Infernal: Hell`s Vengeance, Diabolique: License to sin) is an action game (TPP shooter) released in 2007 by Playlogic International. The game was released for PCs (Windows) and Xbox consoles.
In the game, you play the role of Ryan Lennox. Ryan is technically dead but works on the ground for the EtherLight celestial organization. Unfortunately, Lennox`s work did not please the EtherLight chief and he was released. Ryan quickly found a job on the opposite side of the barricade - the side of evil at the Abyss agency. In the meantime, EtherLight agents have killed all agents of evil forces and are now planning to destroy the Abyss headquarters. Ryan`s job is to stop the EtherLight agency ...


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