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Description of WARPATH

The action of WarPath takes place on a planet called Kaladi. This heavenly body is like paradise, flowing with milk and honey. The idyll is interrupted when three factions - Ohm, Kovos, and the Coalition manage to discover the path leading to the Paradise planet. Because of its wealth, they want to take control of it so that they can use it for their own purposes. The priority of WarPath is action. Players will not experience extensive tactics on the battlefield here. You don't have to sneak up, lurk, face with sniper precision. What matters is the speed of reaction and keystrokes. Similarly - the game does not have an overly complex plot. Players can play the role of representatives of the three factions described above. The coalition is made up of the human species. The Kovos are a greedy race who sees the planet Kaladi as one great source of enormous profit. In turn, representatives of Ohm are distinguished by treating the land as religious holiness. You can play in single player and multiplayer modes. There are campaigns in the former. An important mechanic in the game is the ability to improve your weapons from level to level.

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