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Description of ICEWIND DALE

Icewind Dale is an RPG game released in 2000 by Interplay Entertainment. The game was released for Macintosh and PC (Windows).

Icewind Dale tells the story of a team whose task is to defeat ancient evil. The game was set in the world of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the Forgotten Realms universe, somewhere in the ice north in the land called Icewind Valley.

Here we join one of the characters, trying to support him in another typical task. It turns into a great adventure that guides our team's movements through the farthest corners of the northern lands. Many tasks take place in dungeons, which must be emptied of all kinds of monsters, sometimes even 22-foot-large.

In the game, we get magical weapons and armor. We can also construct armor from different animals on our own. We collect items scattered around the maps, we can trade them and use them in battle. We are constantly improving the team's capabilities and the levels of individual characters. We also create this team at our own discretion.

Icewind Dale is an RPG game set in a fantastic world, referring to the canon of the genre, i.e. Baldur's Gate, but telling a completely new and detached story. With the camera presented in isometric projection and the use of OpenGL libraries, the game looked very good for its own time.

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