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Publisher: Russobit-M

Developer: GSC Game World

Year: 2001

Genre: racing action




Hover Ace is a racing game released in 2001 by Russobit-M. The game was released for PC (Windows).
Hover Ace is a futuristic racing game where players control high-tech hovercraft. We race in large arenas at speeds of up to 500 km / h. We start the struggle with a small amount of cash, with the help of which we have to buy a basic vehicle and equip it with weapons and various gadgets. Without them, we have no chance to face ruthless rivals. Each victory is rewarded with a certain amount of cash, for which we can buy new, more perfect models of vehicles and better equip them with various types of mines, boosters, regenerators, etc. The prize is awarded to the winner. The fight takes place in sixteen arenas. You can choose from fifteen different vehicles and ten different weapons, fifteen types of equipment and seven special gadgets. Nine computer opponents await us, each of which has different parameters and driving style. You can play in several different single-player or multiplayer modes.


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