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Publisher: Psygnosis

Developer: DMA Design Limited

Year: 1993

Genre: adventure rpg




Hired Guns, is an adventure game (rpg, fps) released in 1993 by Psygnosis. The game was released for Amiga and PC (DOS).
It is year 2712. Four mercenaries were sent to the Graveyard planet to save the hostages. However, after arriving they discover that the call for help was just an excuse to lure them to the testing ground, where they will have to fight with genetically created beings.
In the single player game, we can control four heroes. When playing for two, three or four players, each of them controls the character of his choice.
Hired Guns have a training mode, adventure game (rpg) or action game. Adventure game (campaign mode) - the aim is to find four rings of fusion power cores and return to Spaceport spacecraft. Action game - in the game we can choose one of 17 maps. We need to find a way out in a fixed time. If we play with other players, the one who first finds the way to the exit wins.


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