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Publisher: Anark

Developer: Anark

Year: 1997

Genre: action puzzle




Galapagos is an action game released in 1997 by Anark. The game was released for Macintosh and PC.
A synthetic, unnatural creature associated with an insect called Mendel (named after the author of Mendelian genetics - Gregor Mendel) has just been created in a research facility in the Galapagos universe (obvious allusion to the Galapagos Islands). Mendel is a prototype, a prototype to be used, used to organize an army of "warring, autonomous agents to be used as tools of domination to conquer other worlds in order to exploit their resources." However, it turns out that he is absolutely harmless, harmless and isolated. For this reason, scientists wish to make a thorough, definitive essence analysis in order only to uphold their goals in pursuing the development of a "xenicidal war machine". The player has the absolute ability to control the world around him. He wants to ruin the quests of the researchers and free the creature. To do this, he must support Mendel in running away from the laboratory and escaping the Galapagos.


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