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Description of ERADICATOR

A valuable element was discovered on one of the planets. However, it is closely guarded, so access to it is extremely difficult. Your task will not be easy, but it will be feasible. Eradicator is a game where you can prove yourself as a strategist to achieve your goals. There are several characters at your disposal, each with individual skills that, if properly used, will greatly facilitate the acquisition of the base. In addition, using several dozen types of weapons, the gameplay becomes dynamic and surprising. There are also remote-controlled missiles and devices that add to the action. In completing the task, we are limited only by creativity. An undoubted advantage of Eradicator is the ability to change the perspective from the third person to the first person and vice versa. It gives you the amazing feeling of being in the center of the action and watching attacks through the eyes of your chosen hero. Take on the enemy on dozens of levels and conquer a fortress that hides a valuable treasure. The price is irrelevant, the goal counts.

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