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Description of ENCLAVE

The Enclave game is set in a world that was divided into two parts as a result of an old war: one inhabited by the peoples of light, and the other - the creatures of darkness. For thousands of years, the two realms had been separated from each other by a great gulf that no rational being could cross. With time, however, it slowly began to decrease, and the two worlds moved closer to each other at a dangerous distance.

The player takes on the role of one of the twelve heroes who stand on one of the sides of the conflict. While playing, he can direct a brave knight, a cunning hunter or a powerful druid, but also - a brutal berserker, a tricky goblin or a self-righteous sorceress. Depending on who he chooses to accompany, it will affect the future of the world: the game allows us to take the side of good and triumph over the forces of darkness, but also to join the ranks of evil and destroy the empire of light.

In Enclave, a lot of challenges await the player: logical puzzles, exploring large and interesting locations and fighting hundreds of enemies with melee weapons, ranged weapons or spells. A complicated system of skirmishes and a high level of difficulty will make even veterans have to roll up their sleeves and do their best to change the fate of the magical land for good.

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