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Year: 1996

Genre: arcade




Earthworm Jim, an arcade game released in 1994. Initially, the game was created only for the Sega consoles, and in 1996 the game was developed for PCs. The conversion was made by Virgin Interactive.
The game was based on the television series under the same title. The player embodies the character "Earthworm" Jim wearing a space suit. Your mission is to save and protect the princess "What's-Her-Name" and (obviously) you can not afford to take your super suit.
Earthworm jim is a very dynamic game. Noteworthy is the graphic design, animation of the character (not only the main character, but also "alien"), the background and background - are surplus color and fine-tuned. We can not even mention the soundtrack - here, too, the authors have not forgotten anything.

The game is currently not available for download.

Why can't I download the game? earthworm jim is protected by copyright. EARTHWORM JIM you can buy on one of the game distribution platforms (list above).

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