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Publisher: Rockstar Games

Developer: Rockstar LondonLtd.

Year: 2007

Genre: action tpp




Manhunt 2, released in 2007 by Rockstar Games, Inc., is the sequel to Manhunt. The plot of this part of the game is slightly different from the previous one, however, we are still in the action-packed and adventurous survival horror game. This time, the action moves to Dixmor Insane Asylum, a psychiatric facility that, instead of treating its patients, imprisons and torments them, while conducting conspiratorial research on humans. During the game, we learn about the fate of two heroes who are patients of this unit: Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper. Once, during a great storm, lightning damages the power supply of the psychiatrist's building, which causes all rooms inhabited by "patients" to open and their final escape. Our two heroes also succeed in this, and now in the wild decide to take revenge for all the drastic experiences so far. The game is based mainly on stealth and eliminating opponents, but the further the game is played, the next possibilities appear, e.g. for a normal first-person shooter. We commit the next murders mainly with our bare hands, but there are situations where real weapons come to the rescue.


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