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Description of DREAMWEB

DreamWeb is an adventure game released in 1994 by Empire Interactive Entertainment. The game was released for Amiga and PC (DOS).

Dreamweb is an adventure game based on the story of an average bartender named Ryan. A man is constantly tormented by nightmares, dreams have a negative impact on the quality of his life. He is chosen by a stranger to carry out a series of murders. The targets to kill are seven mysterious members of the society responsible for Ryan's nightmares. Nightmares, which it turns out, plague not only him, but also other inhabitants of the metropolis. The association is able to interfere with the dreams of the city's inhabitants with the help of a device called Dreamweb. Our hero's goal is to eliminate all seven before they manage to drive all the inhabitants crazy. Finding individual members of an association is not easy. During the search, Ryan must complete a number of side quests that will allow him to find his targets. During his adventure, the protagonist must obtain information about the entire society and the operation of a mysterious dream-interfering device.

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