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Publisher: 1C Company

Developer: Action Forms Ltd.

Year: 2008

Genre: action




Cryostasis is an action game released in 2008 by 1C Company. The game was released for PC (Windows).
The action of the game takes place in 1981 in the Arctic Circle. The main character - Alexander Nesterov is a Russian scientist who, fearing to lose his life in the coming snowstorm, reaches the icebreaker "North Wind". However, the potential shelter turns out to be a really dangerous trap. The hero faces a huge threat from various beasts. It turns out that the opponents are former crew members. In the fight for his life, the player will face fifteen different types of opponents. Each of them has specific skills and features. Numerous flashbacks and documents that the protagonist meets on his way to freedom help to better understand the plot. The ability to penetrate into the memory of people and the ability to change the way that person behaved in the past turn out to be extremely helpful in solving problems. Will you decide to go on a dark journey through the heart of the Russian icebreaker and fight for survival?


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