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Publisher: Codemasters

Developer: Codemasters

Year: 1991

Genre: logical arcade




Dizzy - Magicland is another game in the series of adventures of brave Dizzy eggs. The game was created in 1991. Like all of the series, Dizzy - Magicland was released by Codemasters. The game was developed for Amiga, Atari ST, PC, C64, ZX Specturum and Amtsrad CPC.
Like every series, this one has some interesting story. After all, our Dizzy does not do this;) This time, we need to save our beloved Dora, who (as is often the case in such histria) has kidnapped the evil wizard. Worse, he turned her into a frog. So what's left of our brave hero? Just one. Set out to rescue the beloved.
Dizzy - Magicland, like all of the series, is a logic-arcade game. On your journey you need to solve tasks and dispose of your pockets accordingly, although this time, you can already carry three items at a time (compared to the previous parts where you could only take two things). The tasks are at the right level - they are not easy, but they are not difficult either. So do not wait, download the game and save your beloved duck!
The game is like all in the series, characterized by drawing graphics - very colorful and pleasant to the eye. Music makes a visual impression, though it becomes monotonous during the game - it does not bother anyway. For Dizzy fans - mandatory entry.

Install notes:
The Amiga version requires an original rom, eg Kickstart 1.3.


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