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Description of CYCLONES

Mouse control and keyboard aiming are now standard in first-person shooters. Many younger players do not remember that in the iconic Doom and Wolfenstein only the keyboard was in use. CyClones is a pioneer who completely changed the genre. The production is due to the proprietary engine of Raven Software studio. Interestingly, the viewfinder was not rigidly compact with the center of the screen, and it could be placed anywhere on the screen. As it was popular at the time, the action was set in the realities of the future, so the main opponents will be space monsters and an advanced alien race. The plot is not too complicated. The main character - Havoc, once under the influence of aliens, sets out on a journey to take revenge on them for the years of torment and save the Earth from destruction. Let's be honest that hardly anyone played shooters for the plot then. Characteristic for the first half of the 90s, two-dimensional graphics imitating 3D and juicy shooting also found themselves in this position. It is worth playing, if only to feel the hard way how much we owe to the developers.

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