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Publisher: Techland

Developer: Techland Sp. z o.o.

Year: 2005

Genre: action fps




Chrome Specforce is an action game (FPS) released in 2005 by Techland. The game was released for PC (Windows).
The plot of Chrome: Specforce focuses on events from the previous version of the game - Chrome. SpecForce's story takes us to the future, in which humanity, having achieved significant technological progress, focuses on colonizing and discovering every scrap of space. Such rapid development forces the maximum exploitation of all available raw materials, the extraction of which is controlled by numerous corporations, increasingly separating themselves from the main governments of the federation. Terrorists, intoxicated with a strange substance that makes their organisms much more efficient, carry out numerous attacks in which high-ranking federal officials die.
The player will have to play the role of a member of an elite special unit - SpecForce, whose main goal is to solve crises that are at the service of the federation, and our goal will be to discover and thwart the plot of numerous corporations. In addition to a single campaign, the game offers multiplayer tryp with various maps and a numerous available arsenal of equipment.


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