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Description of RED FACTION

In this game, the protagonist is Parker, who is a member of the resistance movement, and his task is to end the rule of the Ultor Corporation, which has power only in its own hands. The action takes place on Mars, in one of the mines, and the miners working there are hit by a mysterious plague that causes the death of dozens of miners. These out of fear, but also through slave treatment, lead to the outbreak of a revolution. The group is led by an unknown Eos, who is the founder of the Red Faction movement. Their ranks are joined by the hero Parker, who is one of the miners.

Parker has the task of getting rid of the guards, wandering through corridors, ventilation shafts, shooting enemies, helping the miners, the end result of which is to find Eos, disable the bomb with the ticking clock. This enables the game to end. The heroes get into a helicopter that safely evacuates them from the planet.

The game offers 5 types of vehicles, as well as 15 different types of weapons of mass destruction. The action of the game is dynamic and requires the player's cleverness.

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