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Description of BREED

The game Breed, released in 2004 for the Windows platform, allows you to move into space. The story of Breed takes place in the year 2610. Modern technologies allowed for space travel and settlement on neighboring planets. Over time, most of the population decided to leave Earth and create colonies in new areas. However, they were not prepared for the attack of an alien race called the Breed. After a long war with the aggressor, your airship returns to Earth. As it turns out, it was Earth that was the main target of Breed's attacks.

The player takes on the role of Captain Saul Richter on the ship USC Darwin. Only Richter and his men can stop Breed. To do this, you must take control of a squad of soldiers and win 18 different missions both in the air and on the ground. You have a wide variety of vehicles at your disposal, from tanks to combat jets, and an extensive arsenal of weapons.

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