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Description of BIO MENACE

Bio Menace is a game with three episodes:

  • Bio Menace Episode 1: Dr. Mangle's Lab

  • Bio Menace Episode 2: The Hidden Lab

  • Bio Menace Episode 3: Master Cain

Bio Menace Episode 1: Dr. Mangle's Lab is the first installment in the Bio Menace series of games. Released in 1993 by Apogee Software, Ltd, the production is a platform action game from the fantasy genre. The player takes on the role of Snake Logan, a secret CIA agent who is called up for a mission to fly over the city of Metro City. Well, the city has been haunted by unusual creatures roaming the streets, so you, as the best CIA agent, must investigate what is happening and then submit a report. Everything goes as planned until Snake's plane has to make an emergency landing, and Snake himself is forced to traverse the city streets and fight mutants in hand-to-hand combat. The hero, in addition to killing the creatures, must also find and defeat the culprit of all the confusion, Dr. Mangle. To successfully complete the entire mission, Snake relies mainly on his M16 rifle, which he can upgrade with the help of power-ups collected along the way. Also, pay attention to the cards and crystal shards that appear along the route, allowing you to move from one level to another.

Bio Menace Episode 2: The Hidden Lab is the second installment in the Bio Menace series of games, depicting the fate of Agent Snake Logan as he battles a spreading horde of mutants. In this platform game, the player must control his character in such a way as to destroy two laboratories of the mad scientist Dr. Mangle, responsible for the appearance of the creatures, and to get rid of the main culprit himself.

There are 12 levels to overcome. With the start of a new game, in addition to choosing one of the three difficulty levels, the player has the opportunity to practice each of them, except the last, which is the final duel with the boss of the episode. Snake, as in the previous part - Dr. Mangle's Lab, only has eight lives. After each failure to fight the mutant, the character loses one of them. Therefore, you need to skillfully use the arsenal of weapons proposed by the game developers. In addition to his main weapon, the M16 rifle, the hero has to use, incl. grenades, mines and fireballs.

Bio Menace Episode 3: Master Cain is the third and final installment of the adventures of the secret CIA agent Snake Logan, released by Apogee Software, Ltd. It would seem that the defeat and annihilation of the mad scientist Dr. Mangle did the trick with mutants spreading around the city. However, nothing wrong. Just before his death, Dr. Mangle confided in Snake that someone else was behind his actions. Well, it turns out that Dr. Mangle was just executing someone else's orders. Behind everything was the enigmatic character of Master Cain, which is why this time Snake sets out on the road with the goal of destroying the creator of the murderous idea. This game also includes 12 different levels to overcome. Guide Snake carefully, because he has only eight lives this time. You can enlarge this pool by collecting 50 gems, or a mini-Snake, i.e. a reduced image of the main character.

You can download the game for free from the 3D Realms website: Bio Menace 

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