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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Interplay Productions, Inc.

Year: 1988

Genre: logical




Battle Chess, a puzzle game (chess) released in 1988 by Electronic Arts. The game was developed for C64, Amiga, Atari ST and PC.
This is a variation on chess. This time, the programmers from Interplay moved the traditional chess game to the digital world. The game offers two 2D (standard) or 3D visualization modes. In 3D mode, each figure is nicely animated and humorously depicted in a funny animation. Of course, the sound is perfectly matched to each of the pawns. The game is for those who are just learning to play chess and for those more advanced. Battle Chess is the 10 levels of difficulty that everyone will find something for themselves. An additional advantage is the ability to play with a second player.
A game for years, graphically shows a level higher than average. The sound is at the same level. Battle chess is recommended to all fans of tactical games.

Install notes: The version of the game for Amiga requires the original Rom (eg Kickstart 1.3).


Amiga     Atari ST     PC    

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