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Description of BAD MOJO: REDUX

Bad Mojo: Redux is an adventure game released in 2004 by Got Game Entertainment. The game was released for Macintosh and PC (Windows).

Adventure games have always aroused the curiosity of players who appreciated logical puzzles and various mechanics that require some practice. This type of gameplay is offered by Bad Mojo: The Roach Game Redux, in which we play the role of ... a cockroach.

The story begins quite unusual. Well, one day Roger Samms, a lonely tired of life, discovers a mysterious amulet that belonged to his mother in the past. It quickly turns out, however, that it is not an ordinary trinket, but a tool capable of turning people into cockroaches. Poor Roger himself falls victim to his power, which is why he is forced to fight for his life in an extremely dangerous environment.

The game is about exploring the environment, during which players have to avoid traps and other animals, such as cats or rats. Our cockroach cannot do much, so we need to look for unusual solutions, often involving covering the hero with small items (e.g. cigarette butts). In this extremely colorful game, our main task is to survive.

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