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Publisher: Team 17

Developer: Team 17

Year: 1991

Genre: arcade shooter




Alien Breed is an arcade game released in 1991 by Team 17. The game was released on Amiga and PC computers.
The IPC (Inter Planetary Corps) is the elite of the peacekeepers in the universe. Like every member of this elite, you go to a patrol that lasts a certain amount of time. You get a pretty calm piece of the universe to patrol. After graduation, you will return home. But not this time ...
Your story - the commando of the elite IPC one. Coming home, you will find an abandoned space ship, which you roll (if you play with a friend) or patrol. As it turned out, the ship was not abandoned. From now on you are only given your skills. You have to defeat many aliens, the only one you can get is a better weapon you can buy for the crutches you have while wandering the corners of the ship.
Alien Breed, graphically presents a decent level (as Team 17 did). The game is a typical arcade game - reflexes are like the place needed. Play if you like this kind of game - you will not be disappointed. We especially recommend playing in the team.

Install notes:
The Amiga version does not require the original rom. You can start the game from the second floppy.


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