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Publisher: Disney Interactive

Developer: Eurocom Developments

Year: 1999

Genre: platform arcade




Tarzan (Disney's Tarzan Action Game) is a platform game (with arcade elements) released in 1999 by Disney Interactive Inc. The game was released on PCs and PlayStation, N64 and Game Boy Color consoles.
In the game we play the title Tarzan. Your goal is to save the jungle from Clayton, the gorilla's poacher. You start playing as a kid who gains knowledge and skills from monkeys. You have to watch out for snakes, eagles and other wildlife.
The game offers three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult. Terk, a good friend of Tarzan, will help you on the easy and medium levels.
Tarzan, is a very colorful game. All elements of the game are elaborated in the smallest details. In spite of years, it is worth to go back to it and play like in the old days.


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