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Publisher: 21st Century Entertainment

Developer: Vicarious Visions, Inc.




Synnergist is an adventure game released in 1996 by 21st Century Entertainment. The game was released for PC (DOS).
Synnergist is a third-person point-and-click adventure game in which we play the role of a young, desperate journalist in the futuristic city of New Arhus City. The location of the game is a cyberpunk world full of both modern technology and devastating poverty and extensive crime. Our hero named Tim Machin works in a subordinate tabloid always looking for sensation. One day he gets commissioned to write a text on a fresh murder case. In order to obtain information and conduct an interview, he goes to the bar, but then, due to many unusual events, he becomes the prime suspect himself. While escaping from the corrupt arm of the law and gangsters, we will meet many interesting and extraordinary characters on our way. We will meet criminals, employees of charitable organizations or owners of illegal TV channels. In this strange, grotesque world, we can meet anyone, and anything can happen.


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