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Publisher: Black Legend

Developer: 7th Sign Production

Year: 1994

Genre: puzzle




Statix, released in 1994 by Black Legend Ltd., is a kind of puzzle / puzzle game. The game is available on the Amiga platform, partially compared to Tetris. In single player mode, the main task of the player is to correctly arrange the blocks falling on an inclined plane. The blocks differ in the shape of the fill, so joining three of the same blocks (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) causes them to disappear, thus creating space for the next one. This, in turn, is needed to overcome the next levels, which are passed after creating the appropriate number of such "triples". Placing too many blocks on one side of the slope tilts it, making it impossible to maneuver successive falling blocks. And too much deviation automatically ends the game. Statix ​​allows you to play in pairs, with each player only having half of the number at their disposal. The loser is the one who tilts too much from the excess of falling blocks.


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