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Description of SONIC CD

Sonic CD, an arcade-platform game released in 1993 by SEGA. The original version was released for SEGA. In 1996, there was a version for PCs.

In the game we play the title Sonic hedgehog. Your task is to release the "Little Planet" from the hands of Doctor Robotnik. A small planet is a strange creature - it can move time - which is a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands. Wandering around the city, you will travel through time and space - to finally get the Worker. The next task, no less important, is the reflection of Amy Rose from the hands of "metal" Sonica.

Sonic CD is very nice (in terms of graphics) and an addictive arcade game. The whole game is seven worlds divided into several stages. In each of them you will run, jump, "destroy" robots and collect gold rings. A game for the whole family. Recommended.

Install notes: Because of its "age", it requires older Windows (eg XP and below). If you are a Windows 7 user, you may download the legal version of Windows XP (virtual machine ). On Windows XP, no problem running the game.

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Steven Pavelish 2021-04-28
Awesome game with incredible soundtrack!

games king 2021-03-26
super good game ever

tutorial on how to install 2020-11-19
you need to extract the game dont apply the patch otherwise it will not install on sega pc reloaded besides that download sega pc reloaded and click install game click sonic cd click already installed and locate the game then it will download a sega pc reloaded patch and when its done dont click the exe otherwise it will not launch thankfully nothing will happen else you need to execute the game via sega pc reloaded and bam there you go

sonic 2020-09-26
how do you play the game