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Publisher: MC2 France

Developer: Rebellion Developments Ltd.

Year: 2005

Genre: action tpp shooter




Sniper Elite is an action game (TPP) released in 2005 by MC2 France. The game was released for Macintosh, PC (Windows), PlayStation, Wii and XBox.
Sniper Elite is a genre classic among TTP games. Quite a few years have passed since the first cover of the game, and in the meantime we have four main views of the game, which took us, among others, to Berlin, Africa or fascist Italy. And all this was seasoned with a heavy and solid climate of World War II. During the game, we can taste various sniper and sniper rifles, as well as various machine guns. When our shot turns out to be a perfect hit on the head or other part of the body, we have the opportunity to see in slow motion the flight of our bullet, and how perfectly we are able to shoot at the opponent. In addition, the game introduces the possibility of setting mines and traps that can warn us about the enemy, or destroy an enemy vehicle. Sniper Elite is a game that offers the opportunity to pass the stage quietly thanks to the elimination of a knife or pistol with a silencer. Or, like an experienced veteran, eliminating German soldiers one by one at a distance. In general, Sniper Elite is a few good hours of entertainment, and it depends on us how we will go through the next stages.

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