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Publisher: Scavenger

Developer: Zyrinx

Year: 1996

Genre: acing




Scorcher is a racing game released in 1996 by Scavenger. The game was released for PC (DOS / Windows) and SEGA Saturn.
Scorcher is a futuristic dark racing game. Our main goal is to defeat the opponents, who can take part in a maximum of four in each race. Fans of this type of games will surely be associated with the Wipeout production released a year earlier. However, Scorcher did not take the easy way and improved the aforementioned title by introducing many changes to diversify the gameplay. The most important is the modification of the controls, which is now very precise, thanks to which we can precisely control the movement of our vehicle, and this is extremely important in this game, because there are many obstacles waiting for us. Pits, barriers, narrowing of the route and various types of obstacles and traps try to make the race difficult, and the game is not easy. On the other hand, we have turbo boosters or jumps, which will allow us to avoid obstacles, but all bonuses are limited, so it's worth using everything wisely. The game features six routes that are very diverse and interesting. The game is quite difficult, but it makes up for it quickly, because is there anything more beautiful than taking first place?


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